Summer Gym Schedule



  1. You will be asked to wipe down equipment before & after class
  2. Class size will be limited: 20 max in the group exercise rooms and 15 in the cycle studio (no reservations at this time).
  3. There will be markers on the floor for personal space. 
  4. There are longer times between classes, please do not crowd into the room right when a class finishes
  5. Please arrive on time for class; the door will be closed with a sign on it “Class in session please do not enter”.
  6. We will add more classes as we move forward, please respect what we are able to offer at this time. 

Group Exercise Schedule 8.1.21



Lap Pool

  • 1-2 Lap swimmer per lane - lane sharing allowed if both parties are agreeable; lane availability varies - check the pool schedule
  • 6 water walkers at a time- 2 lanes available. Shallow water walkers travel north to south, deep water walkers circle counterclockwise
  • The whirlpool is open for up to 3 participants at a time due to social distancing concerns, WP users are asked to limit their time to one 15-minute cycle.

Family Pool

  • 10 water walkers at a time. Walkers are asked to socially distance
  • Equipment use restricted for sanitation; use of personal equipment encouraged/ recommended
  • At this time the whirlpool will remain closed due to social distancing concerns
  • The pool schedule may change at any time without notice. Please follow all changes and guidelines as enforced by lifeguards and staff.
  • Parents are encouraged to swim with their children to help enforce social distance outside your facility unit.
  • Children under 6 years old must be accompanied into the water by a parent.

Pool Schedule 8.9.21