Rock Steady Boxing enables people with Parkinson’s Disease to fight their disease by providing non-contact boxing-style fitness programs that improve their quality of life and sense of efficacy and self-worth. Classes are designed to help with voice activation, manual dexterity, gait, and fun.  

Rock Steady Boxing provides encouragement through a “tough love” approach, inspiring maximum effort, speed, strength, balance, and flexibility.  The class has shown that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier and happier life.  No boxing experience necessary.

The class encourages the caregivers to be active during the class whether performing the exercises themselves or assisting with specific activities such as focus mitts. The importance of caregivers to take care of themselves and workout to help relieve their physical and mental stress is important for them and their loved ones.


Free for the Community

Tues/Thurs. at 2-3 p.m.  Paperwork and testing is first required before attending

Build Camaraderie

You will have a community of support from friends of fighters and caregivers

Our Coaches

RSB coaches and volunteers to lead you through the workouts

Contact our Health & Aquatics Director for more information 785.825.2151