We welcome everyone to participate in our programs and services. To ensure this, we offer fees based on household size and income. Download our confidential application for income-based financial assistance with your completed membership application to join. Download our membership brochure here. 

Joiner Fee

$30.00 joiner fee for all membership types

This one-time enrollment fee, paid when joining the YMCA, is used to fund the YMCA’s building replacement reserve fund. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Current members are exempt from this fee if the membership is renewed within 60 days of the cancellation date.

Membership Rates

Membership Rates

  • YOUTH (ages 0-9): $84/yr
  • STUDENT (ages 10-18) $10/mo, $120/yr
  • YOUNG ADULT (ages 19-26) $31/mo, $372/yr, Referral Rate $24.80/mo
  •  ADULT (ages 27+) $38/mo, $456/yr, Referral Rate $30.40/mo
  • COUPLE (2 people in the household) $55/mo, $660/yr, Referral Rate $44/mo
  • FAMILY (2 adults and children) $62/mo, $744/yr, Referral Rate $49.60/mo
    $10 swim lessons, 1/2 off towel service and Youth Fitness Training

Members who pay annually for membership receive 13 months for the price of 12. Members who pay monthly can join our Member Referral Program and save 20% each month.

Value-Added Options


  • Kit locker    $9/mo
  • ¼ Locker    $15/mo
  • Lg. Towel Service    $9/mo


  • Any nonmember individual $5
  • Max of $20 per family

KIDS GYM SERVICE  |  Drop-in child care for ages 6 weeks to 9 years
Your child may be in the Kids Gym for 2 hours during a morning shift and an afternoon shift. 

  • 1 child $15/mo
  • 2 children or more $20/mo
  • One time visit $5
  • Corporate rates available

Guests and Policies

Non-members and guests can enjoy the Salina Family YMCA upon completing a registration form and agreeing to comply with visitor and guest policies and requirements (link below). (Photo ID required). There are a few options for guest usage including:

BRING A FRIEND WEEK  |  The weeks of Thanksgiving (Friday before through Sunday after) and the week of Christmas (Friday before through Sunday after, most years) are Bring-a-Friend Weeks at the Salina Family YMCA members age 18+ can bring guests who live outside of the Salina area (photo ID required) to enjoy our facilities at NO CHARGE provided the member "hosting" the guest has no outstanding fees or other membership notations.