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The more friends you refer, the more likely you are to keep your savings!


  • YOUNG ADULT (ages 19-26) $31/mo, $372/yr, Referral Rate $24.80/mo
  • ADULT (ages 27+) $38/mo, $456/yr, Referral Rate $30.40/mo
  • COUPLE (2 people in the household) $55/mo, $660/yr, Referral Rate $44/mo
  • FAMILY (2 adults and children) $62/mo, $744/yr, Referral Rate $49.60/mo
    $10 swim lessons, 1/2 off towel service and Youth Fitness Training

How it works

To refer someone, just give them a referral card.  There is no limit on the number of friends or family members you can refer to the Y but you will only receive ONE 20% discount off your membership dues. The more friends you secure, the more likely you are to keep your savings. Referral cards are located at the Membership Welcome Center. In order to qualify members must be on a monthly bank draft. 

*New members are welcome to pay annually, as they receive 13 mo for the price of 12, however, the 20% will not be applied as only one promotion is permitted per member. 

* Some restrictions apply.

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What is the Member Referral Program?
The Y is an organization dedicated to strengthening the communities in which it serves. As part of our focus on Youth Development, Healthy Livings, and Social Responsibility, we are launching the Member Referral Program. We are calling on our existing members to help us strengthen and help our community become healthier by inviting their friends and family to join the Y. When a member helps us to create a healthier community by referring a member, both the member and the friends and family they bring to the Y will receive up to a 20% reduction off the standard rate of membership. 

Can I refer to the Y more than one friend or family member?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of friends or family members you can refer to the Y, however, you will only receive ONE 20% discount off your membership dues. 

How long is the reduced rate valid?
The reduced rate received from participating in the Member Referral Program is good for as long as both parties remain members. Should one of you cancel your membership, the remaining member has 30 days to refer another friend or family member to join. If the remaining member does not refer anyone to join within 30 days, the reduced membership rate will return to the standard rate for the specified membership type. 

Who is eligible to participate in the program?
Young Adult, Adult, Couple, and Family memberships that are on bank draft are eligible to participate in this program. 

Can a member leave while on the referral program and come back as another member's friend?
Yes, under certain conditions. Should you have to cancel your membership and you received an invitation from an existing member to return, you are eligible to re-join at the member referral rate 90+ days after your termination date. 

I referred my friend and my friend joined. When do they receive their reduced rate?
The member referral rate will go into effect when the referred membership has been purchased. The member referral rate for your membership will be reflected in the billing cycle following the join date of the friend or family you referred to join the Y.

I am currently receiving Financial assistance. Can I refer a friend to this program?
Yes. We encourage all of our members to take this opportunity and help us make our community a healthier place to live. Should your friend or family member decide to join they will receive the member referral membership rate for the membership category they select. Your membership will remain at your standard financial assistance rate or be reduced to the Member Referral rate for your membership type, whichever is less. As always, if finances are a barrier, anyone can apply for financial assistance for membership. 

Before the Member Referral Program began, I referred multiple families to join the Y. Can I receive a rate reduction based on their memberships? 
Thank you for referring your friends and family to the Y this promotion is only available to current members referring to new members.