Our Get Started Program is a series of complimentary appointments designed to support you in pursuit of your health and wellness goals. A wellness coach and our nutrition specialist will meet with you to discuss your needs and interests and together you will develop an achievable plan for success. Your Get Started appointments are not a series of fitness assessments or a medical type of appointment. It’s not a cookie-cutter workout or one-size-fits-all program; it is different for everyone.


Who Should Attend?

Everyone! Whether you’re new to exercise, have dabbled in it your whole life, or are comfortable in your regular program, we will help you make the most of your Y membership. The Get Started experience is an opportunity for us to create your personalized road map for success.

Why is it Important?

Members who attend their first Get Started appointment within the first two weeks of joining the Y are 6X more likely to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Let’s make sure you’re one of them!



Your appointment will include:

  • Working with a wellness leader
  • Establishing your strength baseline
  • Reviewing your activity schedules
  • Answering any questions you may have
  • Making you feel comfortable

As you prepare for your first session, ask yourself the following questions:

  •  What are your goals?
  •  Why are they important to you?
  •  What has helped you be successful in the past?
  •  What tends to get in your way?


Session One

During the first session, we’ll talk about your goals and interests, establish a wellness baseline, and help you come up with a plan to get started with confidence and support. Be ready to move!

Session Two

Whether it’s attending your first group fitness class or building strength, whatever you decide, this is where your plan takes action!

Session Three

Meet with our nutrition specialist to touch base on nutritional information and questions.


Are you ready to Get Started?

Please complete the form below to have a personal trainer contact you to set up your sessions. 

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