Travel the Y, complete challenges, and earn prizes!

Sky Y Airlines info & rules:

  • Apply for a passport at the Sky Y Airline Desk (includes updating your picture)
  • One passport per member (18 and older)
  • Choose your own itinerary, but you must visit 12 of the 14 destinations.
  • Have your passport “stamped” by customs (staff member located in the appropriate area)
  • Turn your completed passport in to Sky Y Airlines by August 31st!
  • YMCA staff (and their immediate families) are encouraged to participate but are not eligible for the prizes.

Destination Challenges:

  1. Bainbridge Island, Washington (Gym-Court 2) Play a game of Pickleball
  2. Brazil (Group X) Dance to the beat in a Zumba class
  3. Uvalde, Texas (front desk) Donation to Y kids camp, preschool, or kids’ gym
  4. India (Group X or Sports performance) Rest and relax in a Yoga class
  5. France (Cycle Studio) Participate in the Tour de France by taking a cycling class
  6. Germany (Wellness Center) Lift weights (includes dumbbells) for 30 minutes
  7. Hawaii (Lap pool) Participate in a Boga class
  8. Indianapolis, Indiana (Wellness Center) Race the Indy 500 by walking, jogging, or running a mile
  9. Ireland (Wellness Center) Climbing the hills via a Step mill or Stairmaster, 30 minutes
  10. Venice, Italy (Wellness Center) Enjoy the water on the Rowing gondola, 1,600 meters
  11. Kagoshima, Japan (Group X) Participate in a Tabata class
  12. New York City, New York (Family Pool) Swim or Water walk your way to the Statue of Liberty,  30 mins
  13. Big Sky, Montana (outside trails) Make a loop around the trails
  14. Nashville, Tennessee (Group X) Boot scoot and shuffle your way through a Line Dancing class

Stop by the front desk to get your passport!

Event Details

Friday July 1, 2022 8:00am to Wednesday August 31, 2022 8:00am

Contact Information

Stacy Serrault