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Member Spotlight: Pat Mikesell

Meet Pat Mikesell

Why do I come to the Y? To get a great workout, catch up with friends, get informed on fitness and health, and enjoy all the amenities of the remodeled facility.

Why did I become involved with the Y? There was an indoor triathlon one winter about fifteen years ago I signed up, competed, and realized I had LOTS of work to do! With the help of the staff and members at the Y, I was able to improve my triathlon skills and now have completed five full Ironman races. The positive attitude of the staff and the positive atmosphere makes it a great place to learn and workout.

What is the most important skill that you developed at the Y? A fluid freestyle swim. Denny and the Master’s Swim Class have helped me develop a very comfortable, sustainable freestyle swim, a skill that is necessary for long-distance endurance events.

Youth development, healthy living, social responsibility story? I love seeing all the youth programs at the Y. My grandkids participate, and the skills and social interaction they develop are priceless! Also, it’s nice when people ask you for advice on triathlon skills. I remember asking other members the same questions when I started. Staff and members have always been helpful with advice through my athletic journey.

Fondest memory at the Y? Watching some young kids interact waiting for a bus. One of the kids was handicapped, and short of the physical limitations, they all played, teased, and had fun as if there was no handicap at all. When I was growing up, handicapped kids were segregated, and I didn’t have a chance to interact with them. I’m sure these kids will all forge relationships that pay dividends as adults.

What does my Y mean to me? It’s a place to come and get a great workout, make new like-minded friends, and watch people of all ability levels better themselves through healthy living and exercise.

Locations: Salina Family YMCA
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