The Group Exercise Wellness Challenge

January 2 -30, 2021

Is an 8-week challenge where you can earn points and win prizes for participating in group exercise and bringing guests.

  1.  Pick up an All In Workout Card.  |  Whenever you complete a group exercise challenge, ask the instructor to initial a box on the card. You get one (1) point per workout, and you can earn up to five (5) points for working out each week. Turn in your card each week and pick up another one.
  2. You can also earn points for bringing friends to a group exercise workout.  |  Fill out a Referral Card with your name and the guest’s name and contact information. Your guest will be allowed to experience the workout for free. You earn one (1) bonus point for bringing a qualified guest (a non-member who lives locally and has a realistic possibility of becoming a member during the challenge period). You earn five (5) bonus points for any direct referral who becomes a member during the challenge period. There is no limit to the number of bonus points you can earn.
  3.  Every week there is a prize drawing.  |  As long as you have turned in a Workout Card or Referral Card for points that week, your name will be entered in the drawing for a weekly prize. As long as you keep participating, you can win a weekly prize.
  4. Grand prize  |  The grand prize is awarded to the member with the highest number of total points
    at the end of the challenge period.