The Salina Family YMCA has been serving our community since 1886. Our current facility was opened in 1978 at 570 YMCA Drive, Salina, Kansas and has had multiple renovations and expansions to serve the needs of our community.

We are continuously working to maintain a clean, safe and enjoyable experience for all of our members, participants, and guests. Facility updates and renovations are currently being identified and started in a variety of areas. For detailed information, updates and special announcements on facility improvements, please visit our website or follow us on social media.

The Y is a founding nonprofit organization, offering health, hope, and opportunity:

  • Parents find a safe, nurturing environment for their children to stay active, be engaged, and learn positive values.

  • Children and teens play and develop self-confidence while feeling accepted and supported.

  • Adults connect with friends, pursue interests, and learn how to live healthier.

  • People from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to volunteer and help strengthen their community.



As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Y provides crucial programs and services to more than 30,000 people every year. 

Every dollar donated to the Salina Family YMCA has a lasting impact on the people of our community. 
From safe spaces to academic achievement to family well-being and more, when you donate to the Y, you’re giving those in need the opportunity to thrive. As you know, at the Y, lives are changed every day. Your gift helps give kids, teens, and adults – of all ages and backgrounds a better chance to reach their full potential.

When we come together with a common goal and purpose, amazing things can happen.

Give today for a better us.

We appreciate your consideration. Your involvement will not only help this us to be successful but will help empower our community.