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Renovation Update as of November 10, 2017 - More Details >>

Published 03.16.17


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Renovation Update Week of November 10th



The Locker Room Renovation is now 50% complete!

And they are still on schedule for opening in February 2018!


Lobby glass wall

Glass Services have finished their install of the glass into the new class wall to the north of the main lobby doors. This wall will help create a wind and debris barrier into the main lobby area. Discussion is still continuing on the sidewalk in regards to ease of access around the glass wall.


Ceiling grid work

Hi-Tech Interiors have been installing the ceiling grid throughout all the locker rooms this week. First, they need to “shoot” the hanging wires into the underside of the second floor. Secondly, they attach the wires to the grid, making sure that the grid stays square. Finally, the grid is completed and ceiling tile is ready to be inserted, as pictured in the new men’s locker room (last photo).


fire alarm and speaker install

As part of the renovation, our facility is having a completely new fire alarm system. This fire alarm   system will be throughout the entire building and it will have strobes, horns, and a new speaker system that will be connected to our paging system.  You will notice the red wiring within the ceiling grid or hanging down from a   ceiling tile, in preparation for the new equipment to be attached to the end of it. Due to the size of the facility, this work will be  continuous for the foreseeable future.


Tiling continues

Ritter Tiling have been working on both the locker room showers and the floor in the Family/Universal Locker Room. First, they have scrubbed the floor with a scrubbing machine to remove any imperfections from the floor. Then they mix a mortar compound and put that on the floor, before putting down the sheets of tile. The floor tile in the locker rooms will be the same tile on the shower deck.



The old HVAC in the SW corner of the Wellness Center is slowly being dismantled. It is an obsolete unit and it is in the way of the ductwork for the new unit. To ensure member safety and to keep the facility open during this phase, each section is being carefully and skillfully removed into smaller and manageable pieces before it is transported out of the building. The ductwork below the ceiling tile will be painted in three different colors.


 WEEK OF November 13th

  • Continuation of electrical, plumbing, tiling, fire alarm installation and HVAC demolition.




We are still on schedule! The opening of the new locker rooms will be in February 2018. The opening of the coffee room and intergenerational room will be in May 2018.


The Family Pool work is estimated to take approximately 8 weeks to complete and the pool will close at the end of business day on Tuesday, Jan. 2 to be drained.   The work to be completed includes removing the plaster from the bottom and sides of the pool and replacing it with tile to match the first half of the pool.  The tile work does take at least 21 days to cure, but in the long run will be a better solution than repairing plaster.  It is recommended that plaster bottoms on pools should be redone every 7-10 years.  Other than repairing and filling holes, the family pool has not been redone since it opened in 2001.  In addition to the plaster work, we will be putting new tile on the deck, doing some wall repair, painting and removing the water cannons.  It is estimated to open by March 1.  


The Lap Pool is currently scheduled to close on Monday, February 26 and it is estimated that it will be ready to reopen in mid-May. The lap pool will also have all of its plaster removed and replaced, receive new tile on the deck, new lights, painting, removal of current temporary changing room and showers and will have a whirlpool installed on deck with appropriate filtration and chemical equipment.

We are working diligently to secure options for our members at off site locations such as South High School and local hotels to provide lap swimming and exercise classes. Swimming lessons and regular programming will continue in the respective open pool. Watch for more information to be posted soon.


DID you know?

  • There is a changing area, lockers and rinse off only showers on the pool deck. You can by-pass the temporary locker rooms if you are only wishing to gain access to the pool. 
  • We were able to collaborate with Salina Iron and Metal and have all of our metal fixtures and lockers from the locker rooms collected. Nearly 16 tons (31,760 lbs.) was sold for scrap metal, totaling nearly $900!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why are you taking the time and money to install a temporary locker room. Couldn't people just take showers at home?
  2. For our afterschool licensed Y’s Kids and Summer Camp SWAT programs, we must have one flushable toilet and one sink for every 30 children. In addition we have many members that need the use of showers before work and during the lunch area and we wanted to try to accommodate as many as we can during this time.
  3. I pay for a rental locker. What will happen to my stuff?
  4. We will have a specific number of small kit lockers in the temporary space for those that are paying for locker service in addition to day use lockers. We will have additional day use lockers in the general area outside of the pool doors and on the pool deck for convenience.
  5. What’s next after temporary locker rooms are done?
  6. They will begin building a wall to surround the locker rooms to begin demolition.


Each locker room will have 3 toilets, 3 sinks, and 2 showers. We must have one flushable toilet and one sink for every thirty children that are enrolled in our state licensed after school/summer day camp programs. Therefore, a new sewer line was installed and was connected to our existing system.


Across from the male and female temporary locker rooms will be the third temporary locker room. This will accommodate those with special needs and will be co-ed. There will be two ADA showers, a toilet, adult changing table and a baby changing table.


Members who pay to reserve a kit locker will still have access to do so. Some rental lockers will be placed in the temporary space and others will be located in other areas of the facility. We will notify those members once we have a date in which we will transfer items. Numbers may change, but access will still be provided. 


Access to the pools from the temporary space will be through the hall and emergency doors in the lower areas across from the elevator. 


We are also looking to install a few temporary "RINSE OFF" showers on the pool deck. 


We are researching the opportunity to install an above ground temporary whirlpool on the pool deck for member use. 


The steam rooms will be unavailable during the demolition and building of the new locker rooms. Each of the adult locker rooms will have one steam room at the conclusion of the renovation.  



Thank you to Blake Barrett and “Gourmet to Go” for supplying the ice for our orange water coolers that are located throughout the building. They are donating the ice for the duration of the renovation.


Renovation Renderings

** Please note these pictures are subject to change

Coffee and Social Area with entrance to a new meeting room 

Intergenerational Room

Lower Level Lobby - Entrance into the Wellness Center 

Universal Locker Room - 2 different Views