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Renovation Update as of April 9, 2018 - More Details >>

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Published 04.09.18


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Week of April 9th

  • Painting of the Lap Pool walls.
  • Begin installing deck tile in Lap Pool.
  •  Install new shutter in the Kid’s Gym.
  • Begin finishing the sheetrock walls in Inter-Gen, Coffee
    Room and Upper Level Doors.
  • Staff relocate from upper level offices to new spaces on
    the lower level.




Ritter Tiling has been removing some of the old tile around the pool edge. This is in preparation for a steady and continuous uninterrupted gradient to the edge of the pool. Virgil from Busboom and Rauh has capped off the old drinking fountain and filled in the cinder block. Concrete has been poured around all the support columns. This is to help preserve the supports. The concrete base has also been poured for the new mechanical/storage room in the northwest corner of the Lap Pool. This will help ensure that the new room lasts for a long time due to the corrosive nature of a pool environment.



Between the Gymnastics Booster Club and the Salina Y, money has been raised to fund the installation of a new air-conditioning unit. This valuable piece of equipment will be extremely useful during our summer months. Systems 4 have started to install the ductwork, and the ground has been prepped for the concrete to be delivered. With this new unit, there will be special additional classes and camps available this summer!


Inter-Gen and Coffee Room Update

Hi-Tech Interior have installed the sheetrock to the walls in both areas. Next week, the finishers will be in to start smoothing everything to a perfect finish. The middle picture is where our vending machines will be located.


Upper Level Doors:

Hi-Tech Interiors have also been working on the new set of double doors in the north hallway.

School Age Room Windows Update

Glass Services have finished installing the glass. Now the wood trim has to be added and the exposed walls painted.

Family Pool Access Corridor

Member and staff safety is paramount. While the old plaster is being removed from the Lap Pool, access to the Family Pool will be through the Family/Universal Co-Ed Locker Room and into the Kid’s Gym through the access corridor. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please follow all directions. For more information on the Family Pool opening times, please contact a member of staff at the Member Welcome Center. Watch Renovation Update 2.28.18 above to see how to access the family pool. 

Lap Pool Closed

The Lap Pool was drained on Sunday March 4, 2018 . The Lap Pool will be unavailable for use until May 20, 2018. During this time, the Y has an agreement with Salina South High School to use their pool during select times. For information about those select times, please speak to a member of staff at the Member Welcome Center.

  • During the Family Pool remodel we had the luxury of being able to use the west side emergency exit doors for the debris removal and construction access. Unfortunately we are unable to do this is the Lap Pool. Therefore, on the west side of the Lap Pool (where the old Therapy Pool was located) an opening has been cut that leads into the construction access corridor in gym 3. This will allow the construction crews easy access for the safe removal of debris and easy access to bring in new materials.



We will be selling gently used items from the temporary locker rooms, hallways, and pool area. Including, toilets, showers, lockers, sinks, benches, chairs, coat racks, mirrors, hand/hair driers, rain barrels, and baby changing stations. Stay tuned for more information!


What Is In Each Of The New Locker Rooms?


      • For individuals under the age of 16, and for those who require assistance.
      • Mother’s Nursing Room. (A key can be signed out at the Member Welcome Center).
      • 7 changing stalls.
      • 3 “pods” that have a separate shower, sink, and toilet. The one closest to the pool also has an adult changing station.
      • 4 individual showers with grab bars.
      • 2 are ADA showers with seated benches.
      • 1 large shower area to accommodate groups.
      • 3 additional toilets.
      • 1/4 sized lockers, with both padlock or self-operating 4-digit code options.
      • 2 suitmates.
      • 2 hand/hair driers.
      • 2 vanity stations.
      • 2 baby changing stations.
      • Tempered water with automatic sink faucets.
      • TV with Y informational programming.
      • Access to the pool.


      • For individuals over the age of 16.
      • Towel drop box by the hallway entrance.
      • Multiple changing stalls.
      • 6 individual showers each with grab bars.
      • One of which is an ADA shower with a    seated bench.
      • 6 toilets for females; 3 toilets and 3 urinals for males.
      • Multiple vanity stations.
      • Kit lockers and 1/4 sized lockers for rent. Also 1/2 sized and full sized (6 feet)  lockers with both padlock or  self-operating 4-digit code options.
      • 1 suitmate each.
      • 2 hand/hair driers each.
      • Self-controlling water temperature in both the showers and sinks.
      • New weighing scales in each locker room.
      • Steam rooms in each locker room.
      • TV with Y informational programming.
      • Access to the pool.


The opening of the coffee room and intergenerational room will be in May 2018.



Beginning March 5th the Family pool will open at 5:30a and be available for early morning water walking and limited lap swimming. Check the March-May Family Pool schedule for more information.


Lap swimmers and water walkers may swim at South High School’s pool during designated hours; beginning March 5th

M-F 5:00-6:45 am

Sat 7:30 –11:30 am

Sun 2:00-4:00 pm

We apologize for the inconvenience, but are excited for the pool renovations!

*All schedules are subject to change.



DID you know?

      • We were able to collaborate with Salina Iron and Metal and have all of our metal fixtures and lockers from the locker rooms collected. Nearly 16 tons (31,760 lbs.) was sold for scrap metal, totaling nearly $900!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

      1. Why are you taking the time and money to install a temporary locker room. Couldn't people just take showers at home?
      2. For our afterschool licensed Y’s Kids and Summer Camp SWAT programs, we must have one flushable toilet and one sink for every 30 children. In addition we have many members that need the use of showers before work and during the lunch area and we wanted to try to accommodate as many as we can during this time.
      3. I pay for a rental locker. What will happen to my stuff?
      4. We will have a specific number of small kit lockers in the temporary space for those that are paying for locker service in addition to day use lockers. We will have additional day use lockers in the general area outside of the pool doors and on the pool deck for convenience.
      5. What’s next after temporary locker rooms are done?
      6. They will begin building a wall to surround the locker rooms to begin demolition.


Each locker room will have 3 toilets, 3 sinks, and 2 showers. We must have one flushable toilet and one sink for every thirty children that are enrolled in our state licensed after school/summer day camp programs. Therefore, a new sewer line was installed and was connected to our existing system.


Across from the male and female temporary locker rooms will be the third temporary locker room. This will accommodate those with special needs and will be co-ed. There will be two ADA showers, a toilet, adult changing table and a baby changing table.


Members who pay to reserve a kit locker will still have access to do so. Some rental lockers will be placed in the temporary space and others will be located in other areas of the facility. We will notify those members once we have a date in which we will transfer items. Numbers may change, but access will still be provided. 


Access to the pools from the temporary space will be through the hall and emergency doors in the lower areas across from the elevator. 


We are also looking to install a few temporary "RINSE OFF" showers on the pool deck. 


We are researching the opportunity to install an above ground temporary whirlpool on the pool deck for member use. 


The steam rooms will be unavailable during the demolition and building of the new locker rooms. Each of the adult locker rooms will have one steam room at the conclusion of the renovation.  



Thank you to Blake Barrett and “Gourmet to Go” for supplying the ice for our orange water coolers that are located throughout the building. They are donating the ice for the duration of the renovation.


Renovation Renderings

** Please note these pictures are subject to change

Coffee and Social Area with entrance to a new meeting room 

Intergenerational Room

Lower Level Lobby - Entrance into the Wellness Center 

Universal Locker Room - 2 different Views