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Veteran's Yoga


Veteran's Yoga

Stan Britt, former commander of American Legion Post 62 was intrigued by the idea of hosting yoga class for the Vets. 

“The idea was to support and encourage healthy lifestyle for any veteran, so you don’t have to be a member of the American Legion or other military organization to join this class.

Being somewhat skeptical I decided to give it a try. Within the first 60 days I began to notice that some of my aches and pains began to diminish, mostly in my joints. I had more flexibility, better balance and a bit more stamina. The mental preparation at the beginning of each class starts with breathing, which calms the inner self and prepares you for the proper execution of the different posses. During the day, stress can hinder your mental awareness, you can apply the breathing techniques to relieve the stress.

As one of the first to sign up for the class, my goal was to ease joint pain and increase flexibility through stretching. Since starting in 2013 I’ve noticed profound difference in my physical and mental condition. I started out breathing and conventrating on my inner self, this gets you calmed down and prepared for the other things we do in yoga.

I know some veterans may be hesitant to attend a yoga class, but I encourage ex-military of all ages to give it a chance. Basically, you find out you can do more tha you think you can.

In November 2013, Melanie Black (Yoga Instructor) offered a Free Yoga class once a week for any Veteran who would like to participate. When I asked why she was offering free classes for Veterans, she explained how much she appreciated what all Veterans had and are currently doing for this Great Nation in which we live because her father and grandfather were both Veterans. Volunteering her time to help Veterans improve their life was her way of showing that appreciation.”


“I am doing yoga because the nurse at VA mentioned it to me. I tried and I find that it helps my muscle to feel better - it especially helps my balance. The fellowship is great!” - Rodrigo Bonilla

“The VA asked me to join the yoga club of the YMCA to help me limber up and flex better. I can see over the last 2 or 3 times I have felt better.” - John Braden

“VA counselor told me it would help me to focus and it has helped my focus and the stretching has helped me get my muscles to feel better.” - Paul Hand

“It gives me a place to go to get good exercise and meet nice people. I feel a lot better. My whole body is starting to get in tune.”-Fortino Bonilla

“I started coming back because I needed to. I keep coming because I want to. It relaxes me and helps me find my center. Yoga is like probiotics.” - Paul

“May veterans may experience certain anxieties more intensely and have difficulty with stress. This class with Melanie Black truly helps to relieve and calm. Many thanks for providing this.” -Don Fortino

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