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Swim lessons

All YMCA Swim Lessons have components of stroke development, rescue, character deveopment, personal growth, and water saftey. Each class will have some deck time for discussion. In the case of electrical storms, classes are not cancelled. All children will be taken to a safe place to continue class with land discussions about water safety. 


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Parent/Child Water Adustment

Ages 6 months - 36 Months

Designed to allow children ages 6 to 36 months to have fun in the water while the parent guides him or her to learn aquatic skills. The child will be exposed to games that use basic movements in the water, such as kicking, arm strokes, and breath control that are based on the developmental abilities of the child. All children attending the parent/child class must wear swim diapers or diaper covers.

Kippers: 6mo-18mo
Mondays 6:00-6:30pm. FP
Two 8-week sessions are offered.

Perch: 18mo-36mo
Wednesdays 6:00-6:30pm. FP
Two 8-week sessions are offered.



PIKE clientuploads/stock_all_small/ymca_stock_10.jpg

Develop safe pool behavior, adjust to the water, and develop independent movement. Teaches paddle stroke, kicking skills, proper use of IFDs and PFDs, and comfort with submerging.

POLLIWOG (ages 6 & older)

Get acquainted with the pool, the use of IFDs, and floating. Also teaches the front paddle stroke, side and back paddle, and some synchronized swimming. Children will be able to swim across the pool without assistance.


Teaches kicking, floating and performing the progressive paddle stroke. Children will be able to swim 10-15 feet on front and back without assistance.


Continue to build upon basic skills while learning lead-up strokes to the front and back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke along with more synchronized swimming and diving skills. Children will be able to swim a length of the pool using rhythmic breathing.


Teaches how to tread water and dive while learning stroke skills for rudimentary breaststroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl, and rudimentary sidestroke. Children will be able to swim 20 feet across the pool on their front without assistance.


Refine lead-up strokes as skills become more like those normally used in swimming, diving, personal safety, boating and rescue.


Review previously learned skills while learning personal safety, rescue and boating safety skills as well as more progressive diving skills. Children will be able to swim 40 feet without assistance using a variety of strokes.


Work on the crawl stroke, elementary back stroke, back crawl stroke, and sidestroke with turns. Teaches butterly stroke, the use of mask and fins, additional synchronized swimming movements, and diving skills.



Work on refining strokes and increasing endurance. Teaches more complex combinations of synchronized swimming movements and are introduced to use of the snorkel. Learn more boating safety, personal safety, and rescu procedures.



Improved strokes, starts, turns, synchronized swimming, snorkeling, as well as personal safety, and rescue skills. Teaches inverted breaststroke, the trudgen crawl, and the over arm sidestroke.




For teens or adults who have not had swimming lessons or who are not comfortable in the water. Teaches basic swimming and safety skills.


For teens or adults with swimming experience. Improve swimming, rescue, and safety skills. Also available to improve synchronized swimming, starts and turns, wet ball, snorkeling, and boating safety.



For adults who are comfortable in the water and would like to work on stroke development and endurance. Perfect for those with limited swimming skills or who would like to improve technique.

SWIM PRE-TEAM (6 years-18 years)

Pre-team classes prepare swimmers for a competitive swim experience. Practices will include stroke technique, racing skills and strategies, and endurance training. Recommended for Fish level and above.


For adults who want to improve their technique. Taught by Denny & Deb Coellner, experienced clientuploads/stock_all_small/ymca_stock_20.jpgswimmers with background in triathlons, senior Olympics, and cross training.


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