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LABOR DAY HOURS: 7:30 - 11:00 am on Monday, September 2. JOIN US FOR CLASSES Body Sculpting with Cheryl 9:00 AM Core Focus Together with Kaitlyn 10:15 AM AREAS OPEN FOR USE ARE Wellness Center, Basketball and Racquetball Courts - More Details >>

Group Ex Class Descriptions


Group Exercise is a great way to get your heart pumping and a full body workout. Classes are scheduled through out the day, so picking a class that is convenient and fits your schedule is easy to do. All Group Exercise classes are FREE to members.


Class schedule: Click Here


ABC (Aquatics Body Conditioning) - A fun and refreshing way to get in shape. These classes tone and firm the body, working on cardiovascular fitness and flexibility in a medium that's easy on the joints. Swimming skills are not necessary to join these classes. You don't even have to get your hair wet!

Abs & Arms- An entire strength and toning class devoted to these specific body parts

Abs/Intervals – Work at different intensity levels and on your core!

Arthritis Aquatics - While the instructor creates a clear accurate demonstration of the exercises, the instructor will also encourage a fun relaxed atmosphere

Arthritis Foundation - Contact Park and Recreation for this certified Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise Class. YMCA members may join this class at no cost


Aqua Power - Water aerobics, done in cooler water of the lap pool, focus on toning, cardiovascular and core fitness in a more intense format

Aqua Zumba - Exercise to Latino music in the Lap Pool

Ball Stability- Features abs, back, upper and lower body workout on the Fit Balls. Great for care and overall muscle balance

Body Sculpting- A full body resistance workout using bands, hand weights and balls

BootCamp– As usual, a lot of everything!

Circuit- A heart-pumping combination of plyometrics, strength, aerobic and anaerobic work, and care.This class uses a wide variety of materials and is held in varied locations

Circuit, Cardio & Core – This class has it all!

Core Power - Join us for exercises that will help strengthen the core muscles: abdominals, oblique, and erector spinae

Cycle- Come ride through hills, flats and mountains! Great class for all levels

Encore Abs – A challenging ab blasting workout!

Enhance Fitness - Evidenced based physical activity program beneficial for older adults living with arthritis.

Fitness Yoga- A more challenging yoga class which focuses on upper/lower body strength

Kickboxing/Hip Hop – Punch and kick your way to a healthier you! Great for all levels of fitness.

Pilates- Incorporate core muscle strength with focus on abdominal and back workclientuploads/stock_400px/yogaWoman2_news.jpg

SilverSneakers- Class that incorporates friends, fitness and fun! Combine strength and cardio. Chairs will be used at all times during class

Tabata– Enjoy  work/rest intervals...always more work than rest!!!

Tai Chi- Breathe & meditate in this slow moving class. Easy for everyone

The Burn- Superset your way to a new you with short cardio intervals thrown in for fun

Trail- Experience nature and get a great or walk our trails with us

Treadmill Express- 30 minutes of hills, intervals and strength

TRX- Use our new suspension straps to perform body weight exercises that will develop your core, strength and balance

Veteran’S Yoga– Membership not necessary & all Veteran’s are welcome!

Community Yoga Cancer Class - Free to the community for anyone that is under treatment

Yoga- Focus on improving your flexibility, strength, and balance as your mind is challenged in class

Zumba- Are you ready to shake your hips in this Latin salsa dancing fitness class? Great for everyone! Can be low to high impact and tons of FUN

Warm Water (H2o) Aquacise -  These classes are done in the warm Family Pool where stretching and toning are the focus. You will remain in the shallow water


*Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient numbers or schedule changes.


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