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Leading employers are searching for new pathways to connect their employees to resources that promote healthier living. Research shows that an investment in prevention is the most effective ways for clientuploads/Uploaded/1st photo.gifemployers to increase employee morale and productivity while decreasing absenteeism and health care costs. CORPORATE BROCHURE

 Corporate memberships are identified by the following characteristics:

  • Membership can be company sponsored in whole, or in part; or full payment by the employee
  • Employees whose Employer participates in our Corporate Membership are waived membership fees for their joining month
  • The employer provides opportunities for the YMCA to promote and interpret its membership benefits and services to company employees
  • Annual enrollment promotions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for additional interested employees to join the corporate membership
  • A written agreement outlining the basic details of the corporate membership will be drafted to the satisfaction of both parties
  • New employees can be added to the corporate membership at any time
  • MEMBERSHIP fees waived for joining monthclientuploads/stock_thumbnails/womanExerBall_tn.jpg
  • Individualized corporate programs
  • FREE Health & Wellness classes
  • Health & Wellness evaluations for all enrolled employees
  • Personal Exercise Program
  • Health lectures/seminars. Health maintenance/prevention
  • There is an estimated $3 to $5 return on every $1 allocated to employee wellness
  • Health costs are expected to double within the next six years
  • Ultimately, healthier employee = lower costs
  • Improved employee morale and enhanced public image
  • Reduce employee absenteeism. Assists other health care costs containment efforts
  • Aids in employee recruitment and retention

The Salina Family YMCA has developed a variety of methods to involve your employees, gaining their interest and enthusiasm. A sound wellness program encompasses the 3 major human development areas: physical, mental and psychological. The YMCA has historically embraced a philosophy built around the whole person, a comprehensive approach that addresses body, mind, and spirit.


EXERCISE BENEFITS TO EMPLOYEESclientuploads/stock_all_small/ymca_stock_04.jpg

Exercise has many physical and psychological benefits. A regular exercise program that incorporates aerobic type exercise, as well as strength and toning, offers the following benefits:

  • Improvement of cardiovascular function
  • Promotion of the decrease of body fat while increasing lean body mass
  • Stress levels and tension reduced and productivity increased
  • Increase in muscular strength, energy, productivity, alertness, positive self-esteem, and endurance
  • Weight-bearing exercise helps increase bone density, an important consideration in the prevention of osteoporosis
  • Increase in energy levels, flexibility, and coordination
  • Enhancement of the quality of life. More positive attitude and outlook
  • Developed interest in personal well-being and overall wellness
  • Increased sociability and outside interests
  • Build stronger relationships-team building. Better emotional stability
  • Full access to Salina Family YMCA facility

For more information on becoming a Corporate Member, contact:

Ellen Hogeland


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To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

The Y is a volunteer-led, community-owned, 501c3 nonprofit organization, and any income is reinvested to meet local needs.

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